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September 13, 2009

Commercials can help you organize your speech

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You can learn a lot about speaking from watching commercials. For instance, a General Motors commercial featuring chairman Edward Whittaker Jr. uses a timeless method for getting naysayers to listen to another point of view.

This is my version of what he said (having only seen it once). “I’m Ed Whitacre, the new chairman of GM and I admit I had some doubts probably a lot like you.” Then he goes on to say that after looking into it he changed his mind. He got specific about what changed his mind and why as he walked through an auto factory –illustrating the points he was making.

It’s a classic technique and it can work for you, too. If it’s the truth, it’s easy to identify with your audience’s disbelief or disagreement with your point of view by telling them what you originally believed. Connect it to them and let them know what changed your mind. And eventually you get to the point where you’re asking them for the sale, asking for them to agree with you, or to do something you’re asking.

Commercials can be a great source of education in your speaking career if you can quit skipping them and pay attention to their lessons.


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