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November 8, 2009

Solving 110% of the crimes?

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It’s vital to be “in the moment” when you’re speaking–to be aware of what you’re saying and to be focused.

In a press conference a law enforcement official was assuring the press that their department took the “Balloon Boy” incident seriously. He stated that in the length of time that he’d been associated with the department they had solved 110% of the crimes committed.

I have no idea if he realized what he’d said just after he said it, or if he didn’t realize it until later, or until someone pointed it out to him, or ever. He was clearly trying to make the point that they were an efficient dedicated department and chose a phrase that is often used to indicate how motivated a person or team is. But it’s a phrase that really doesn’t work for this subject.

To save yourself from embarrassment and misstatements, stay focused and in the moment. Process what you’re saying as you say it, rather than thinking ahead or allowing yourself to be distracted in any way. You’ll be a happier, more effective speaker.


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  1. Barbara,

    Spoken like a real trooper.

    Too often, my mouth runs ahead of my thoughts and I get into trouble like police friend did with the 110 percent analagy. Too bad he didn’t have a chance to have written his “speech” ahead of time. He could have eidted out the misstatement and avoid the use of his mistake as a learning tool for the rest of us.
    Thanks for the insight.

    Michael J

    Comment by contoveros — November 9, 2009 @ 4:01 pm | Reply

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