Getting Over Yourself

December 19, 2009

Think of your audience as equals

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If you think about people in your audience as being better than you or less valuable than you, you won’t do your best. Focus on why you’re there and why they need the information regardless of their position in the company, there ability to control your life, or their social standing. If you have something of value to share with them, something that will enhance their job or their life, focus on that. If you don’t have something of value to them, then change what you’re going to say so that it does have value — or don’t talk to them. Knowing that what you’re saying is something they can use will help ensure you do your best.


December 10, 2009

President Obama covers the bases

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Going into this acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize, Pesident Obama knew what the negatives were and faced them head on. He acknowledged he was the new kid on the block and not seasoned as most other recipients have been. He acknowledged the contradiction of receiving a peace prize just as he approved sending more troops to Afghanistan. Facing up to the obvious down sides to his receiving the prize took away a lot of the sting of the criticism.

It’s human nature to be upset when we disagree with someone and the “someone” pretends it doesn’t exist. We can learn from others by the way they face up to the general mood or don’t. And we can apply the same principle to our own speaking. If you’re facing a hostile crowd or one antagonistic to your views, acknowledge their point of view, don’t take it personally, and then make your case.

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