Getting Over Yourself

February 23, 2010

Speaking anxiety is a matter of focus

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You can spend hours preparing, you can practice until you’re weak and if you’re not in your right mind you won’t do your best.

It’s fine to know the difference between a persuasion talk, an information talk, and an entertaining talk and to know all about your audience, but that all turns out to be busy work when compared to the gift of being in your right mind. At some point, you’ll get a flash of insight about your actual role in speaking and be free because you’ll recognize that feeling of being in your right mind. It may be when you’re engaged in a favorite hobby or immersed in a discovery in your work. A Nike slogan said, “You’re either in the zone or you’re in the way.” You’ll feel yourself being in the zone in this other activity; and if you can make the connection to your speaking you’ll be on your way to getting out of your own way.

In your right mind, you’ll be more accurate and focused when analyzing your audience, when choosing an opening that will get this particular audience to listen. You’ll include the appropriate analogies and deliver your message with clarity and confidence. Because you’ll be focused where you should be–on helping your audience.


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