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November 22, 2010

How to jazz up a boring word

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Business speak isn’t listener friendly. It’s safe because everyone does it, but it leads to people texting while you’re talking.

Logistics is a perfectly respectable word but it doesn’t immediately paint pictures for anyone who isn’t actually doing logistics as a part of the job. UPS apparently feels so strongly about what “logistics” encompasses that they have a couple of ads designed to help you cozy up to the concept.

To the tune of an old Dean Martin song, “That’s amore,” they’ve described exactly what they do and painted pictures of “logistics.”

It starts with, as, “When it’s planes in the sky, for a chain of supply, that’s logistics,” and includes “There will be no more stress, ’cause you’ve called UPS, that’s logistics.”

You may not want to sing your presentation (although it could work) but you can choose more interesting words to make your point and grab your audience.


Yes, you can get better at focusing

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Focus is like a muscle and you can develop it. You’ll get your work done faster and better, have more time to do the things you want, and make your family happier.

Here’s another voice showing you how.

November 5, 2010

Myth #3 “Walking around is powerful. (Standing still is boring.)”

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Movement doesn’t automatically equate with interesting. I’ve heard people say how important movement is as they’re pacing, tapping and jiggling. Yes, it’s movement. No, it’s not interesting.

Movement is good. Purposeful movement. But standing still can be powerful in the right situation. The question isn’t, “Is it okay to move?” but, “Can you stand still, maintain eye coantact and feel poised? This isn’t something you can practice while you’re speaking; you’d just be focused on yourself. But you can practice it while you’re going about your life.

Standing still and doing it well and effectively requires inner quiet and awareness of what your body is doing–without focusing on it. When you can do that, all movements (feet, arms, body, face) will be more effective. And so will you.


Your best bet for being listened to when delivering a controversial message

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People always want to be given a list of “good speakers.” For me, a good speaker is one who is genuine and who doesn’t make me uncomfortable with ego issues.

The young woman in this You Tube speech is about as good as you can get in terms of speaking on a hot-button issue. Regardless of which side of this issue you are on, she makes it possible to listen to her story.

So, pay attention to her ability to convey her passion without sounding as though she has an ax to grind. In addition, her pauses are powerful.

She’s a good role model for all of us for speaking with passion and without ego.

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