Getting Over Yourself

December 20, 2010

Do you use these annoying words?

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Here’s an article on words that were voted the year’s most annoying:

Another set of annoying words that seem to be everywhere is “you guys.” Stick with “you” and leave off the “guys” and the sentence almost always works. It has more class, too.

If you use these words (or any others that distract people from your message), get someone to tell you as you use them and you’ll stop soon enough.


December 9, 2010

Nobody cares about you

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Probably the best thing I ever learned was that everybody else is too focused on themselves to care much about how well or poorly I’m doing. They only start focusing on me if I get in their space. Embarrass them. Bore them. Intimidate them. If I stay out of their space while connecting with their needs, I’m home free.

It’s not about you. They’re thinking about themselves and whether or not to buy into what you’re saying and how it will affect them. Get out of the way. Your job is to help make them look good.

December 2, 2010

From sex to apps in 5 seconds

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If a bank commercial can jazz up banking it’s probably possible to bring more life to your subject.

The Chase commercial starts with a voice over (I’ve been waiting for this all day) as you see clothing strewn on the floor. And we quickly move into bed where they are trying out a new app that allows them to bank their wedding checks from the phone.

It may be a bit much for a business presentation, but it’s a good illustration of  how creativity can be applied to every subject. Keep your eyes and ears open for ways to make it easy for your audience to listen to you and get your point.

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