Getting Over Yourself

January 10, 2011

TurboTax does it in less than 15 seconds

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Commercials are a great teaching tool for designing your speeches. They can transition anything in a matter of seconds and take us all with them.

TurboTax starts with a man delivering 200 pound ice sculptures needing a GPS to get him there before the ice melts to how TurboTax does the same thing for him with his taxes–a reliable guidance system.

United Health starts with a man winning an award for his barbecuing recipe and transitions to United Health being a recipe for his good health.

Lipitor has a man reminiscing about his having skated on thin ice as a youngster (“what was I thinking?”) and transitions to the thin ice he’s been on with his health.

If advertisers can transition subjects that smoothly in a 30-second commercial, you ought to be able to transition effectively in a business speech and not worry about losing your audience.  More than that, if you can capture their attention and do a good transition, you should be able to hold their attention better.


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