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February 1, 2011

Governor Jerry Brown State of the Union address

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Jerry Brown still isn’t warm and fuzzy, but he’s doing a better job of connecting than he used to.

Jerry Brown’s delivery was (typically) staccato and he read his speech. But. It was his speech and he gave it with conviction. He moved along quickly–more quickly than I’d recommend for most of you, but for him, it came across as not wanting to waste time using a lot of filler or “politic speak.” Plus, because he wrote it himself and was committed to the ideas he was expressing, he delivered those ideas with conviction.

He gave it a light touch by joking a bit with the audience about who was and was not applauding (by party). And at one point encouraged the audience to consider that what he had just said as something that could really get support from both sides, and therefore they could clap.

Like his ideas or not, he came across as having just one agenda–to save the state of California from going down the tubes. And he was believable when he said he was open to ideas on how to accomplish from anyone who would express them to him. The proof remains to be seen. But from the standpoint of delivering a speech, he sounded sincere and committed. We should all do as well.


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