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February 22, 2011

Use the right eyes: get the right results

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In a sermon given last Sunday, Archbishop Desmond Tutu gave the answer to many of the world’s problems: “If we had the right kind of eyes, the right ears, we would look at a person and we would see their divinity shining through.”

We naturally use the eyes and ears that are fashioned by our life experiences, but the messages we receive from that approach get us into trouble with fear, anger, doubt, uncertainty. We anticipate how others will respond based on our expectation rather than on observing them. We react because of something we were told long before we were doing our own thinking. And the results aren’t pretty. If we saw their divinity shining through, I’m pretty sure that would color our expectations and actions in a more positive way.

On a smaller than global scale, we do the same thing when speaking. But, with the right eyes and ears, we can stop filtering through our own life story and see and hear what’s going on and what’s needed from the audience’s point of view.

If you’ll make a stab at seeing the audience’s divinity shining through, you’re more likely to connect, to feel comfortable, to make your point, and get good results. It’s worth a try.


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