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March 1, 2011

Building trust counts on the bottom line

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Richard Edelman, President & CEO of Edelman Public Relations gave the results of a study about the state of trust in business, government, NGOs and media across 23 countries at a Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce meeting. As you might guess, we in the United States have lost trust in all those entities over the last couple of years. It’s hard to build your business, hire new people, and reach clients if nobody trusts you.

Most of us are limited to starting with ourselves and our own small sphere of influence in turning that around. But we can do it. Small things count.

And because my expertise is in speaking, I’ll remind you that every time you talk to someone, client, family member, peer, audience it’s little things that create trust. One of the things Edelman referred to as critical to building trust is transparency. And the same is true in those interactions in your life. If people perceive you as hiding something (and that’s often what it looks like when you’re just trying to survive because you’re protecting yourself) they’re hardly going to be listening to you. Most of their attention will be on protecting themselves or what they’re going to have for dinner. If you’re not there, if they don’t feel they’re seeing and hearing the truth, you’re wasting your breath.

Keep your focus on helping others and you’ll be more transparent. And you’ll get more trust. And that can pay off big time.

Building trust can make an impact on your bottom line.


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