Getting Over Yourself

May 24, 2011

Watch for those political one-liners

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You may need thick skin to run for office but you also need a supply of one-liners to effectively turn away potential attacks or someone trying to lead you down the negativity path.

It’s the perfect season to keep your ears open and be ready to jot down the many examples of what seems to be quick wit (and sometimes is). Those one-liners may also be evidence of a good strategy of identifying possible points of attack and being ready with those one-liners that turn a possible negative into a positive.

Jack Kennedy probably wouldn’t have gotten to The White House without some of the gems he used to turn the conversation. Ronald Reagan mastered the art as have others. And currently, former Governor Tim Pawlenty when questioned about whether he had enough charisma to beat Barack Obama responded, “I’m not running for Entertainer-in-Chief. These are serious times . . . .”

If you know you’re going to face opposition to an idea or position, work on some one-liners of your own. Listen to candidates; learn from their triumphs and mistakes. It’s helpful to be prepared with a short, friendly, non-threatening come back. And most of all, don’t ever take it personally, because if you do, no matter how good the one-liner, you’ll lose the audience.


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