Getting Over Yourself

June 7, 2011

Get over yourself, Anthony Weiner

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If you’re in the limelight, you’d get in less trouble if you’d get over yourself. (As would we all.) Politicians, actors, sports figures, personalities, teenagers begin to think they’re special because they get a lot of attention. And then lose their focus. (It happens to all of us when we think we’re special.)

Anthony Weiner got careless (as do we all) when we think we’re special.  Thinking you’re special, makes you think you can get away with inappropriate behavior. And we don’t focus. Thereby compounding the inappropriate behavior by pushing “send” without really being present. (We kid ourselves that we can multitask and that it’s the secret of our success–and then look what happens, while driving, texting, giving a speech, talking to your children or significant other.)

Teenagers are sure they can text and drive (or any number of other things–because they’re special. And next thing you know, you post that private text to the public and get 1500 teens attending your 16th birthday party (as just happened in Germany).

No use pointing fingers at them. We’d all be better off if we could do these two things: got over ourselves and be in the moment. It may be challenging but it’s a lot less dangerous.


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