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June 21, 2011

Making it through the Q and A in one piece

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Some people love answering questions because they feel on solid ground–they know they’re saying something the questioner is interested in. Others don’t like it because they’re afraid they’ll be asked something they don’t know.

So, the best mind set to have is that you’re there to help (whether you’re speaking or answering questions). If you don’t know the answer, maybe someone else in your audience does. It makes you look good if you’re not threatened by someone else’s knowledge plus the person got what they really wanted–the answer. It doesn’t have to come from you. You’re there to help.

The worst mistake I see people make in answering questions is not really listening to the question. They anticipate what they think the question is going to be, or what they hope it will be, or what they’re afraid it will be. And then they don’t hear what’s actually being asked. And that annoys the audience. They’d rather have you not know the answer than to have you not care about their question.

Pay attention to the questioner and you’ll be more likely to answer the real question plus you’ll be connecting with them because you’re paying attention–to them.

It’s a winner.


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