Getting Over Yourself

January 13, 2012

Low self-esteem? You can still be a good speaker

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I’m all for good self-esteem but if you’re not completely satisfied with the amount you have, you can still be an effective speaker.

The point of getting over yourself is to remove yourself from the mix get out of the way. When you do that, your self-esteem isn’t an issue, because speaking isn’t about you.

Removing yourself from the mix involves focusing on the idea and how it will help the audience or why they need to hear it and realizing that the idea is more important than you are.

If you make mistakes, stay focused on helping the audience (rather than what they think about you) and you’ll get the job done. And, as you trust that, you’ll see that your speaking is being well-received and the ideas acted upon.


January 11, 2012

Mike Huckabee has a way with analogies

In an interview commenting on the New Hampshire primary race, Mike Huckabee likened it to a NASCAR race and carried on the analogy throughout the interview to make his points. He’s just automatically a folksy guy and maybe these analogies come to him naturally. but it’s one of the things that made him such an attractive candidate 4 years ago. And I suspect he’s worked on that part of his speaking as a way of connecting with his audience and of making his message clear and easy to follow.

This ability to use analogies can be developed. You can do it. Just begin to see how something could be described in other terms related to a parallel subject. Keep practicing and it will become second nature.

And let me know if it inspires you to run for office.

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