Getting Over Yourself

April 30, 2012

How much attention are you paying to the words that that may be hurting your credibility?

There are 2 kinds of awareness regarding your speaking that relate here: One is being aware of words, attitudes and inflections that give mixed messages to the listener (the subject of the link I’ve included below).

The second kind of awareness is hearing yourself so you can stop undermining your credibility. Being aware of what you’re saying and doing requires serious focus and is worth working on. One of the ways to work on it is mentioned in this article–find a friend who will let you know when you slip. Conquering both kinds of awareness helps you to be invisible–that place where people hear your ideas and rather than look for your flaws.

Getting these wrong can indeed sabotage your career.


April 6, 2012

Is it bad to be an introvert?

If you’re worried that being an introvert may interfere with your success in business, you may find this helpful. It’s an excerpt from an article in Inc. by Geil Browning. You’ll find the full article at

“It’s often harder to realize how to be a quiet leader, so here’s a few tips for you (and your employees), especially if any of the descriptors above sound like you:

  • Be aware that other people are not mind-readers
  • Remember to speak up
  • Maximize your influence in writing
  • If you need time to reflect, ask for it
  • Schedule your socializing for the mornings when you are fresh, and leave solitary tasks for the afternoon
  • Try business breakfasts instead of business lunches
  • Even though it will tire you out, dial up your expressiveness for phone calls, meetings, or teleconferencing”

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