Getting Over Yourself

May 29, 2012

What’s so hard about networking?

New situations make most people uncomfortable: a party, meeting new in-laws, networking, etc. It’s more fun if you’re comfortable, and getting over yourself makes it happen. It’s about giving yourself permission.

As a designated greeter, most people automatically accept that as permission to walk up to people they don’t know, welcome them and orient them. And they’ll do it with or without a badge.

So, when you’re networking, think about questions you can ask that will give the other person something to talk about. Once you’ve got the conversation going, you’re probably okay. It’s the initial contact that tends to be hard for people.

Give yourself permission in any situation you’ll get the same result. You’ll be perceived as gracious, credible and friendly and you’ll also feel focused and at ease


Keep your message simple and make it helpful

It’s easy to get on the wrong foot when presenting: so many things can go wrong. Maybe that’s why so many people don’t enjoy presenting. Here are 3 things to make your presentation easier and more effective: keep it simple, genuine, and helpful.

(You’ve analyzed your audience and know the outcome you’re looking for. From there on your organizing needs to pass the Simple, Genuine, and Helpful test.)

First, keeping it simple is not talking down to people: there’s less room for misinterpretation, less chance of forgetting your material, and more chance the audience will like you because they don’t have to work so hard.

Second, being genuine is easier: you’re conversing with some people who need what you’re telling them. You know from your experience we’re more likely to trust a speaker who is genuine.

And third, knowing you’re being helpful makes it easier to deliver. You know how they can apply it so you can be relaxed and confident by staying involved with just how it will help them.

So make your audience happier and your presentation easier: Ask yourself, “Have I kept my message simple, genuine and helpful?” If so, you’ll love the results. And so will they.

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