Getting Over Yourself

September 6, 2012

A really good speaker vs. a great speaker

San Antonio, Mayor, Julian Castro made his city and his family proud with his speech at the Democratic Convention. He did all the things you would be taught to do to be a good speaker and he did them well.
Michelle Obama and President Clinton just upped the ante.
Abraham Mazlow names 4 stages of learning: unconscious incompetency (ignorance is bliss); conscious incompetency (I can’t do that); conscious competency (if I focus on it I’ll get it right); and unconscious competency (what was the big deal?).
And there you have it. Castro is still aware of getting it right–Michelle and Bill can give themselves over entirely to the message.
You’ll be sought after as a speaker if you can do anywhere near as well as Castro. And then, why not aspire for unconscious competency where you have the possibility of molding and shaping an audience with your message?

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