Getting Over Yourself

November 1, 2012

Is your vote based on rationality or emotion?

According to Aristotle (who was big into rhetoric), people make up their minds based on emotion and justify it with the facts. So, it’s no wonder that polls show that people vote for
the person they feel most comfortable with.

A study by Albert Mehrabian shows that your appearance and various aspects of your voice carry more weight than the actual content.

Mitt Romney has smoothed out some of his bumps beginning with his performance in the first debate, and President Obama has begun to sound a bit more tense. Changes that may be a factor in the changes in the polls.

Perhaps the best way to remove the personality characteristics from our voting choice would be to read their speeches and interviews rather than watch and listen.

If John Kennedy was seen to win his debate with Richard Nixon by those who were watching on TV and Nixon was considered the winner by those listening, there must be something to this.

Knowledge is power. It’s good to be aware of what moves us to act.


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