Getting Over Yourself

November 16, 2012

Was it advertising or body language that lost Romney the election?

It’s interesting to hear pundits hang the loss on the lost opportunity early on to answer the negative ads with ads of his own.

Here’s just one more research result that shows how powerful an influence appearance is on our election choices.
We really don’t like to think we’re that shallow, but apparently we are. While there are many positive aspects to Romney’s physical appearance, he has several mannerisms that just don’t jibe with our inner expectation of what a President should look like. I mentioned before the coy way he tucks his head and looks up (something that worked well for Princess Di, but not for a presidential candidate). He stopped it during the debates, but there it was front and center when he conceded the election, as well as his habit of taking steps that are just a bit too small for his size.
These may be a mark of a really nice guy, but they’re not indications of strength (I’m talking about how we emotionally respond, not about whether or not he actually is strong), and not what we expect a President to look like.
And my point is? My point is that you may be the greatest person in the world at what you do, but sadly, people won’t find you credible if you distract them with your body language.

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