Getting Over Yourself

February 12, 2013

Don’t blow your speech by promoting yourself!

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So, you’ve been asked to speak to a group to share your expertise and you’d like to get some business out of it. It’s tempting to tell them how good you are at what you do and how passionate you are about it. But, they’ve come to learn something not to worship at your altar. So, if you allow yourself to succumb to that temptation, you’ll not only not get business, you’ll get bad reviews that will reach farther than that audience.

Your best bet to connect with these people (and maybe even get business) is to focus on tips you can give them that will make their lives or their jobs easier. You don’t have to give away the store, you just need to give them some specific things they can use. They’ll feel good about you, they’ll see you as the expert, and they’ll keep you in mind when they (or someone else) needs what you have.

In some cases, there will be people who love what you say but aren’t willing (or able) to do it themselves, so you can add–in a friendly way–that they can do this themselves. But, if it isn’t a match for them, that’s what you’re in business for and you’d be happy to serve them. And that would be a pretty small part of your speech.

Stay focused on helping them rather than promoting yourself and you’re more likely to get results.


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