Getting Over Yourself

June 24, 2013

Representative Mike Kelly makes it hard to listen to him

On “This Week” on ABC yesterday, Representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania was a good example of how to stop the conversation. It’s good to speak with conviction (which he does) but it’s also good to look as though you are open to other views (which he didn’t).

The others on the panel were able to state their views in a way that you knew they believed what they were saying, but they didn’t give the sense that if you didn’t agree with them that you were wrong. Representative Kelly gives the impression that there are no other views. It’s the end of the subject.

When you’re giving a speech, talking to your coworkers, teaching someone how to do something, your best bet is to believe in and be focused on what you have to say. And, as you do that, if you’re also respecting the other person’s right to a point-of-view and respecting them, you’re a lot more likely to get them to cooperate with you. We all need to feel that we’re respected and being heard.


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