Getting Over Yourself

December 9, 2013

Speak like you mean it

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I’m not good with those “Eat like you mean it” commercials. We tend to be all too willing to do that with not such great results.

On the other hand, “Speak like you mean it” would be far more effective and productive. (And I’ve even seen a number of people for whom “Walk like you mean it” would be an appropriate motto.)

All too often the noise in your head (the audience, the content, the slides) is so distracting that the actual speaking gets lost.

My son-in-law’s motto is “It’s better to be decisive than right.” And while I can think of a few instances where that’s not true, it can make a huge difference when you’re speaking.

Decisive doesn’t mean argumentative and not necessarily assertive.  Speak like you mean it still gives room for other perspectives but you’ll get listened to more, get fewer questions, and get your way more often.


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