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October 6, 2014

3 Ways to annoy your audience right at the start of your presentation

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The most important part of any presentation is connecting with your audience (because they’re more likely to listen to you if you do), so it’s very sad to see people annoying the audience with their first words. So you want to avoid these:

1. Starting with a question that doesn’t actually engage the audience. Make sure if you ask a question that they feel as though they’re helping you by answering or that makes them think. See my short YouTube video for examples of good questions:
2. Starting before your brain is in gear. It causes you to say meaningless things that you had no intention of saying. You’re not focused, not making the audience feel important, and not encouraging them to listen. You and your audience will be much happier if you wait until you’re focused. You can watch to get some tips:

3.Opening with an abstract, generic statement. It’s not likely to get them to stop texting because it doesn’t actively engage them. Even if they’re eager to hear your subject, they won’t start listening until you say something that’s meaningful to them. Something that’s said in a little different way. Pull them in by describing the problem. Or giving an example. Or telling a story that illustrates why they should listen.

Work on that opening so you’re not annoying them with your first words.


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