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pub-goy2 Book:
“Getting Over Yourself –
A Guide to Painless Public Speaking…and More”

by Barbara Rocha
Order NowCheck out our popular book and book-on-tape: “Getting Over Yourself: A Guide to Painless Public Speaking…and More”. Additionally, you’re invited to look into our helpful communication skills booklets, and speech tapes that let you hear Barbara speak before business audiences.

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tapes-sm CD and Audio Cassettes
“Getting Over Yourself –
An Audio Guide to Painless Public Speaking”

A book on tape read by the author, Barbara Rocha
2 Cassettes: $17.95
CD: $19.95
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Also Available:
“From the Bored Room to the Board Room”
One of Barbara’s most popular speeches recorded live before a professional business audience.
40-minute cassette: $10.95
Order Now“Stand Up & Stand Out”
A lively and informative speech Barbara recently gave before a regional meeting of women executives.
30-minute cassette: $10.95
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pub-pocketguide Booklets
“Pocket Guide for Presenters”
103 pages $9.95
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The Cliff Notes version of “Getting Over Yourself.” No cartoons, and less explanation of the whys and hows. It’s just the right size to take with you for a quick reminder of all those points you learned in the full size edition. 

pub-60ways “60 Ways to Spark Your Speaking: Just in Time Answers to Frequently Asked Questions”
154 pages $9.95
Order Now
Answers specific “what to do when . . .” questions, such as how to deal with a boss who takes over during your presentation, or how to handle your visual aids in a crisis, or how to proceed if everyone is focused on your broken nose. 

pub-hatetospeak “Love to Talk, Hate to Speak? How to Gain Confidence in Front of Any Audience”
120 pages $9.95
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A collection of short vignettes on various parts of speaking you’d like to know more about, such as more information on holding the audience’s attention at the end of your presentation, being confident in those first moments before you start to speak, or using the elements of a good conversation to make it easier and more natural speaking to a group. 

vd-scrn Videotape
“Getting Over Yourself –
A Guide to Painless Public Speaking”

by Barbara Rocha
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See Barbara in action as she addresses how to present your message with confidence. 

More Books
Learn what other books Barbara recommends, how to sharpen your communication skills, and how to get over yourself.
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