Getting Over Yourself

July 5, 2012

Bore your audience and forget about passing “Go”

If you’ve ever tried to sneak out of a boring presentation, that should motivate you to make sure you’re not boring your audience. And it starts with you. If you think your subject is boring, there’s no way you can inspire your audience or energize them.

For instance, if you’re giving a report that you consider routine, unnecessary, redundant, you’ve set the tone: it will be boring. Bored presenter = bored audience. No way around it.

Start by seeing how you can avoid doing it “the way it’s always been done” — and still be appropriate.

For instance: Identify something about the subject that you find interesting; look for a link to a current hot topic; instead of thinking it’s a report you have to give, consider how it affects your audience.

You’re the one who decides whether or not you’re bored. Make the right choice and you’ll not only pass GO — you’ll collect your $200. Or more.


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