Getting Over Yourself

January 7, 2010

Avoid the “open mouth, insert foot” syndrome

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It happens all the time: the speaker gets rattled at seeing all those faces “staring” and just starts talking. The result isn’t pretty. They throw in a lot of irrelevant comments about the meal, the weather, or anything else that passes through their unfocused consciousness. They don’t know what they’re saying and it comes across as unnecessary chatter (sometimes pretty close to babbling)–not confident and not effective.

The solution is simple (not necessarily easy to do, at first, but simple): Don’t open your mouth until your brain is in gear. Breathe, see the audience, think of what you want to say. It really doesn’t take that long to do. But what a difference. You’ll feel it immediately. You’ll feel much more confident. And you’ll stay on track.

It takes a little discipline to not allow your mouth to open until you’re actually conscious and focused. Big difference.


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