Getting Over Yourself

August 17, 2012

Simple words that bring down your businesslike reputation

When did we all become “you guys”? I began to notice in my workshops how often people were using “you guys” in a presentation. Then, I noticed it at business meetings. And now, I’m seeing experts in their field on television talking to “you guys.”

I’m sure I’ve said those words on occasion, but you really must consider whether that’s how you want people to see you. It’s quite informal and not at all how you want to be presenting yourself in your business or career.

Since part of the problem I see speakers having (that makes them less than effective) is that they don’t actually hear themselves and don’t know what they’re saying or what their bodies are doing.

Practice being aware of your word choices and your body movements when you’re not in front of an audience.

And, it’s really simple to get in the habit of saying “you” instead of “you guys.” It’s small thing but it does affect how your audience sees you.


April 30, 2012

How much attention are you paying to the words that that may be hurting your credibility?

There are 2 kinds of awareness regarding your speaking that relate here: One is being aware of words, attitudes and inflections that give mixed messages to the listener (the subject of the link I’ve included below).

The second kind of awareness is hearing yourself so you can stop undermining your credibility. Being aware of what you’re saying and doing requires serious focus and is worth working on. One of the ways to work on it is mentioned in this article–find a friend who will let you know when you slip. Conquering both kinds of awareness helps you to be invisible–that place where people hear your ideas and rather than look for your flaws.

Getting these wrong can indeed sabotage your career.

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