Getting Over Yourself

August 6, 2012

Curiosity landing on Mars proves scientists are emotional

When you see the reactions of the Curiosity team as the “7 minutes of terror” passed successfully and Curiosity safely landed on Mars, all visions of scientists, engineers, techies, being stoic and dry are dispelled. High fives, hugs, whoops were the norm–as you would expect when so many years of work turned out successfully. And it was fun to watch. It made the moment more real and exiting to us to see those most closely involved give themselves over to their collective joy.

And it’s the same for your audience. Pretty much everyone has the capacity for being engaged and engaging, when they give themselves over to what the moment calls for. So, when you’re speaking, there is an appropriate amount of energy, focus, and engaging expression for any subject you need to talk about. Stay focused on the heart of the idea rather than on yourself. If all those folks at JPL can be expressive, so can you. You don’t need an explorer to land on Mars to shake you free. Just a shift in focus.


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