Getting Over Yourself

June 18, 2012

From boring to great back to boring in 10 minutes–lessons to be learned

A scientist friend was describing speech at a conference of peers where she barely able to stay awake or to understand his message until something wonderful happened–his PowerPoint presentation had a technical glitch. He was smart enough not to hold up the meeting while the equipment failure was taken care of and continued to speak. She said it was like night and day. She hadn’t been tracking with his message at all, and suddenly she was understanding everything. He had stopped his formal recital of his facts and started just having a conversation with them. And it was brilliant. And he was engaging.

However, unfortunately, the problem was remedied and he was right back in boring mode, plodding formally through the material. My friend was greatly disappointed because she was on the verge of understanding his whole subject.

PowerPoint does not constitute a presentation. It’s your connection with the audience–you having a conversation sharing your ideas.


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