Getting Over Yourself

May 12, 2010

Myth #18 Don’t talk with your hands

Filed under: Myths,Tips — Barbara Rocha @ 5:24 am

It’s not really whether you should or shouldn’t use your hands, but rather, are your hands helping or getting in the way of your point?

If you focus on not using your hands, you won’t be focusing on your message. Plus, you’ll kill any effective, engaging gestures you may have been using.

So, first, determine if your hands truly are distracting. Watch a video of yourself, if you can, and see if your hands are taking the attention away from your message. In addition, spend a few minutes each day noticing what your hands are doing when you’re talking.

If they are distracting, work on it a little each day when you’re not in front of a group. This daily practice will pay off; you’ll eliminate distracting mannerisms and

Truth is, good gestures can be powerful visual aids, and to give them up you risk not getting the most out of your message.

For good gestures: Visualize what you’re saying. Be in the moment. Process as you speak. If you’ve eliminated ineffective mannerisms and hand movement, you’ll find
the gestures support your message and your presentation will feel more conversational.


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